Children’s Ministries

Children’s’ ministries cover nursery through teens! We design our children and youth programs for the population we have at the time, so our offerings change to meet the needs of the children and families attending our church. Presently, we have the following programs.

Sunday School

teacher teaching Bible story to young children.

Is children’s Sunday school still important? Here at Stratmoor Hills United Methodist Church we believe our Children’s Ministries are vital for the church and for the lives of our children no matter their age. In Sunday School, we plan each week for our lessons to be fun and engaging. Lessons must also teach biblical principles for preschool and elementary age children. We use a variety of educational-type lessons including memory verses, objects lessons, and arts and crafts activities. At this time, we have a one-room style Sunday School and it is engaging no matter what the age.

Youth Group

Teens making cross with their hands

Youth Group is open to our junior high and high school church members and their friends. Studying the Bible, learning about service to others, and practicing kindness and fellowship to everyone are the prime areas of focus.

Girls’ Group

Membership in this group includes teen girls and their mothers or other female mentors. The main focus is that of our teen girl’s relationships in four specific areas:  God, themselves, others, and the church. We have both in-person get-togethers as well as meeting via Zoom. One way or another, we meet once a week! Our group is actively engaged in community projects as well as just spending time together. Girls are always welcome to bring a friend.


Newborns and toddlers (up to age 3) are lovingly cared for here. Our youngest love to play with toys in the nursery or play outside in the fenced playground, or they can engage in activities where they color pictures that have the same Bible story theme as the sermon their parents are hearing, watch video lessons.

Picture of nursery
Picture of nursery

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