Hospitality Committee

Providing a warm welcome

church greeter extending a hand

Our task is to help our guests feel and experience the love of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service.

The Hospitality Committee supports SHUMC by organizing events at the church for the purpose of serving others in the spirit of God’s love. Committee members work together to provide for events; like receptions, celebrations, potluck dinners, and other special events.

Volunteers provide the formal welcome as they greet and assist people entering our church. Greeters are trained to look for and recognize those who may be new, and provide and collect completed contact information cards.

The Hospitality committee is responsible for the appearance of the Narthex and the Fellowship Hall. These areas need to be kept free of clutter, and we make sure they are warm and welcoming. Plants need to look healthy and tablecloths, table decorations and wall decorations need to be fresh and well maintained.

Because of the enormity of these tasks, the committee is always looking for volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to join!